Best Skin Care Tips For Summer...!!!

Being a woman in today’s date makes tons of things to worry about. Sometimes you will not able to find a pair of jeans that exactly fits you or sometimes universal concern of your face. Sometime you may concern about which shampoos won’t dry out hair? Will that mascara actually give eyelashes 200% more volume?

Peoples who enjoy the winters, summer and dreadful for them the skin feels very oily and sweaty throughout the day and you might skip though many essential things. This may let you worry about the acnes, tan, sweat, eczema so you need to follow the skin care routine daily and stay away from common problems of summer. You must take care of oily and sensitive skin where dry skin is less prone to problems in summer time. This UV rays, dust and heat affect the sensitive and oily skin badly. So to take care of your skin in summers you need to:

• Cleanse your face at least twice a day: It is important to cleanse your skin daily whenever you need to go outside from home. In summer the skin tends to get icky and sticky even you are indoors due to humidity. You need to wash the face with a gentle face wash twice daily and clean off the dirt from skin and even using cleansing and moisturizing before sleeping is also must.

• You need to use waterproof or with no makeup: Every women wants to look the best in the summer but when the temperatures get high, makeup becomes a mess. If you find that your foundation has become cakey and dry and lines around the eyes then you should not apply so much makeup. If still you need to wear makeup then use waterproof makeup and try not to overdo it.

• Drinks lots of water: most of the people try to drink ice cold aerated drink on the hot day. These aerated drinks contain a high amount of sugar which is not good for your skin. So stick to water or fresh fruit juices to get cool in summer such as coconut water to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water and liquids makes the skin soft, hydrated and moisturized as well. Some drops of lemon slice juices and make juice of it and store it in bottles and carry out outside. The citric acid contains in the lemon helps to keep the kidney healthy and the Vitamin C contained in it improves the immunity of the system.   

• Use SPF creams: When sun is at peak between 11am to 3 pm then try to stay indoors as it can have adverse effect on the skin. To protect the skin from direct sun you need to use sunscreen as every 2 hours it wears off, sweats off or rinse off so according to skin specialist you need to use creams with SPF-30 to restrict the harmful effects of sun during summer.

• Give nourishment to your hands and feet:  The summer skin care routine must include attentions to the figures and toes too. In winters the feet gets pampered with soft woolen socks but in summers with hot sand and dirt it can get worse.     

• Pamper your toes nails: Regularly polish your toes nails as the toes polish lasts longer than hands so you need to pick a color that suits you.

• Store your skin care products in refrigerator: The skin creams can lead to redness of skin so it is the best to keep the product in refrigerator. The coldness of the creams may reduce the dilation of capillaries and help to prevent redness.

• Blotting paper: Use oil blotting sheets during the day to control the shie and removing the oils from the skin.

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