Effective Facial Exercises for Eyes and Forehead Wrinkles

Get Rid of Eyes and Forehead Wrinkles

It is true that women hate wrinkles on their face as it shows their age. But what one can do to remove it from the face. Well, one can do a lot to remove such wrinkles. Most probably, you can do some facial exercises if you really want to remove face wrinkles. Exercises are build to contract and apply resistance at specific areas that directly targets the facial muscles. An increased muscle size is needed for lifting the facial muscles and so the exercises would too help in increasing the elastin and collagen production.

Below you will read about some facial exercises that belong to different parts of the face. Let us know about them one by one:


In order to remove eye wrinkles, you can try an exercise for your eye:

  • You can simply sit in place where no sound pollution can irritate you. Then close your eyes and move your eye ball in upward and downward direction. You can do this exercise repeat this exercise for ten times.
  • Next, you have to gently tone the muscles of the eyes by pressing two fingers on each side of your head. Repeat this exercise for five times.


For forehead wrinkles, you can try an exercise easily:

In order to exercise for facial wrinkles, you can follow the below steps:

  • You should first stop frowning because it leads to wrinkles on your beautiful face.
  • You can lie back on your bed and let your head to hang from the corner and can open your eyes as wide along with lifting your eye brows. Now you can simply relax and repeat for at least 5 times.
  • Now you can simply place two fingers just above the eyebrows and pull the skin down with your fingers and make sure that there is not wrinkle between the eyes. Next, you can simply raise the eyebrows while pressing down with the fingers opposes to the movement. One should repeat this exercise for thirty times each day.

These are some exercises that can help you get rid of eyes and forehead wrinkles with an ease. However, you can easily get rid of face wrinkles with Kollagen Intensiv. This cream will help you get rid of wrinkles issue and lot more. It is very safe to use and can notice the results in just a few days. 

Get Some Effective Facial Exercises To Get Rid of Eyes and Forehead Wrinkles


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